You Should Know- How to Clean a BMW Engine?

A clean and shiny BMW is loved by all. Although we often leave out the engine when talking about its cleanliness. While a car with a dirt pile on the windshield is only displeasing to look at but the same of an engine can be dire. If dirt and grime accumulate under the hood of your BMW engine, it can lead to engine failure. But how would you clean it?

When it comes to BMW engines for sale, you can clean them easily by washing them. All you need is to follow a process, so you don’t damage it with water.

Whether you’re rebuilding an old, discarded car, or buying a BMW car engine that needs cleaning before installation, it’s a good idea to approach this in a step-by-step manner.

7 Steps to Clean Your Engine

Here’s how to clean a BMW engine quickly and efficiently.

#1 Pick a Day to Clean Your Engine.

First of all, you need to pick a day and plan the cleaning process. Keep the weather in check before you begin the process. Of course, if your BMW is in Houston, any day will work because the hot weather of Texas will help dry the engine and its components easily after cleaning.

#2 Cool Down Your Engine

Don’t clean the engine when it’s hot. Rather wait for it to cool down for at least 20 minutes. If you spray cold water on a hot engine, it may lose its efficiency.

#3 Detach the Battery and Cover Other Components of the Engine

It’s important to remove the negative terminal from the battery before cleaning. Otherwise, spraying water can damage its electrical components. Moreover, you can cover the sensitive internal components with a plastic cover to protect ignition wires, battery, and engine control unit.

#4 Degrease

The next step is to degrease the entire engine compartment and clean it of oil traces. Most used BMW engines for sale in a junkyard are dusty and in need of degreasing. You can take the help of any degreasing solution on the market and clean the engine oil compartment as well.

#5 Scrub It Up!

Some used engines require thorough scrubbing for proper cleaning. You may not have to scrub all the parts. But, some areas, like the valve cover, may need some extra effort as they accumulate dirt. You can use a small brush with synthetic bristles for scrubbing. Avoid metallic bristle brush or scrubber as it can damage the engine body.

#6 Rinse with a Power Washer or a Hose

The next step is to rinse the engine. You can use either a power washer or a hose depending on what’s available to you. Also, you can use the equipment at your local DIY carwash if that’s an option for you.

Thoroughly rinse the entire compartment to wash off degreaser, dirt, and grim completely.

#7 Let the Engine Dry

Once you’ve rinsed the engine, there’s nothing left for you to do but to let it dry. Although if you have a compressed air blower, you can use it to blow out the extra water in the creases of the engine block. Otherwise, there’s no downside to letting it air dry as well.


Cleaning is a crucial part of maintaining a BMW engine. Experts advise cleaning an engine periodically to enhance its efficiency and performance.

Not cleaning an engine can easily leave you stranded for a used BMW engine with a warranty at the odd hour.

So, follow this guide to wash your BMW engine properly without missing a nook or damaging the internal components.

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