3 Signs You May Need Rebuild or Replace Your Engine

The engine is the heart of a car. It pumps power into the drive train to make your vehicle move, just like the heart pumps blood into our body. If the heart fails, the body becomes weak and cannot move. Similarly, if the engine starts getting problems, the car may not move and you will have to look for options to repair it. Proper care and maintenance of a car ensure its long life. Without maintenance, the engine of the car will run into problems and ultimately create problems for you.

If you hear noises from your vehicle coming from the hood, chances are that the engine is near to failing or has already failed. Rebuilding or replacing the engine will be the only option left for you. Replacement or rebuilt, although might cost you a hefty amount if your car is good in condition otherwise, this may seem a better option.

For example, if you have a BMW that you love to drive and have had some good memories traveling in that car. But unfortunately, the car engine has failed. So, you may want to go for the BMW engine rebuild rather than selling your car.

If you are one of those who is skeptical about their vehicle’s engine. Here are 3 signs that tell you if you need to rebuild or replace your car’s engine.

Loud Knocking Sounds

A common symptom that shows an engine is troubling is the unpleasant knocking sound coming from the engine. This happens when the engine does not have enough lubrication in its bearings. Bearings are responsible for supporting the motion of other engine parts. If there is no proper lubrication between them, it causes the engine to seize and may result in failure. Hence, such issues often require an engine rebuild or replacement.

Loss in Performance

Another common sign of a troublesome engine is a loss of power. This might be felt during acceleration when your car won’t gain more speed and runs slow. It may also create trouble for you on the roads as your vehicle may decide not to move further. This is also a sign that your vehicle engine needs replacement or rebuilt.

Excessive Exhaust Smoke

If you notice excessive smoke coming out of your vehicle this means that you are in trouble. It may erupt from under the hood or from the tailpipe of your car. Different types of smoke indicate different problems. Blue smoke means that there is an oil leakage that is preventing the engine from proper lubrication.

Black smoke means that your vehicle is burning excessive gasoline whereas white smoke is an indication for coolant or anti-freeze leakage into the engine. This is usually caused when the engine gasket gets blow away.

Such are the 3 common problems that indicate you need an engine replacement or rebuild. Spending on your car for a replacement will give your vehicle a new life and let you enjoy your vehicle for longer.

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