Thinking of Buying A New BMW Engine? Read This First!

Buying a new engine is like buying a new car. The cost is almost the same. And honestly, even if costs differ somewhat, the feeling is completely altered.

However, once there is a requirement for it, if your engine gets tired or overheated, one does need to change it.

But why a new one when you can have reconditioned ones. The Reconditioned BMW Engines are no less than the newly built engines. This article reviews some of the reconditioned BMW engines that you may like to have on your car. But before that, we will tell you some other benefits of Engine Rebuilt than buying a new one.

Performance Standard

While going for a reconditioned car engine, you should know that the mechanics make sure that they are rebuilding the engine as per the given specifications. This means you are altering the functions of the engine as per your choice without affecting the performance. You can enhance its performance rather than limit it. So performance standards remain the same, as long as you choose the right team to work for you.

Superiority Over The New Equipment

The spare parts or the components that belong to older engines are always classic and original. Thus, they are most of the time resistant to faults.


The reconditioned BMW engines are dependable. They are often free from the clutter of problems that arise in the new engines. Once rebuilt, they are free from errors, and you can use them to be installed in your car.


The reconditioned BMW engines are always backed up by a warranty. So, no worries.


A Rebuilt engine gives more mileage. It will also emit fewer pollutants.


Rebuilding a car engine is also environmentally friendly. It is because usually, people do not fix their engines which have problems. This leads to them ending up in the trash.

Some BMW Engines with Their Pros And Cons

N 52 Engine

BMW N52 engine is known for its six-cylinder piston engine. It used to be manufactured in 2004 and till 2015 had quite reigned the market. Now it’s reconditioning could be done and it can be applied to a new BMW car.

The DOCH inline engine, N52 has a timing system called a Valvetrain valve timing system. It can control the exhaust camshafts. Numerous cars come equipped with these engines. For instance the North American 323 (Canada Only), 325 and 328.

One of its pros is the manifestation of technologies. This engine has distinct intake, valve lift, and timings. Its water pump is electric-based. The high power is achieved due to its compression ratio. The maximum power it can achieve is 255hp present in the 2006 BMW 330i.

But N52 has its own problems as well. It is known for the oil leakages. Similarly, they require the best oil. Even if you poured a substandard quality oil for once, this engine would not forgive you.

N54 Engine

It can generate about 306 hours of energy, much more than the N52 engine. It is an expensive option but if you go for it, it is fuel-friendly. You can pay less for more rides. Starting from zero, it can accelerate to 60mph in five seconds.

However, people have complained that its steering locks and its hydraulic valve are always exposed to injury. Its water pump failures are common. Consequently, overheating becomes commonplace.

You can fix these problems during reconditioning and enjoy your BMW.

What Other Options Do You Have if not Rebuilding

There are a few options if not rebuilding or reconditioning the engine.

You can swap engines. This means that you go to another customer, and you both exchange engines. Or you go to the mechanic shop, where they already have engines. You leave your faulty engine to them and negotiate the price or exchange by picking the one they recommend you. The problem here is that you would never know about the accidents and problems with the engine you are buying from them or getting yours swapped with theirs.

The second option is selling your car. This would happen in quite an unpleasant way. It would hardly benefit you because what is a car without an engine? A bird without wings! It cannot fly. You could be lucky if you could get it factory manufactured. It is an easy way out. Usually, the factory manages the system errors and covers your cost. But it is the option only when the errors are from the manufacturers themselves.


You would be spending a lot of money on the new car. It’s always a good option to revamp your existing car engine and make it come back to life.

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