4 SEO Practices That Might Be Hurting Your Website Rankings

What could be a worst nightmare for a webmaster than to watch a sudden fall in the SEO rankings? That can be scary as all your hard work could go in vain! You are not the only one. A website is the digital face of your business and it has to be perfect in all senses. It’s hard to neglect the impact of search engine algorithms on the ranking of the website but you can surely minimize it by taking SEO service from professionals.

A ranking drop can happen due to variety of reasons. We all know that search rankings take a tremendous tumble. This makes it critical to choose a proactive approach so that your website doesn’t lose organic search obscurity. This “approach” includes settling SEO mistakes.

Today, in this blog, we are going to address some of the SEO practices that might be unknowingly affecting the rankings of your website. It is important to be extra attentive with these practices. Let’s walk you through them.

Wrong SEO Practices To Avoid For Protecting Your Website Rankings

1. Creation Of A Lots Of Low Quality Links To Your Site:

Any link built or bought to manipulate the page ranking can directly impact its web positioning in the search results. These links are referred to as low-quality links. Low-quality links are the ones coming from low-quality article directories, web directories, guest posts, or sometimes from spam comments.

There is one simple way to identify bad quality links. Find site messages under Search Console. When there are a lot of unnatural links being generated to your website, there are chances that Google will immediately send you a notification to fix those links.

2. Employing Duplicate Content:

Utilizing duplicated content from prominent sites or “scraped” to improve the volume of pages will affect the standing of your site. Invest some time to compose authentic content to establish your website and deliver a good experience. You can hire content writing services offered by experts to create valuable content for your website.

3. Loading Pages With Inappropriate Keywords:

There is no point in using inappropriate keywords in the content. At the other end of the spectrum is using keywords that do not make sense in the sentence or paragraph.

You might be implementing this practice to try to manipulate your website ranking in Google but it could frustrate users. Valuable, unique content with relevant keywords used organically on the page will deliver a good experience to the users.

4. Bad Redirects On The Website :

A redirect occurs when a visitor clicks on a URL and is diverted to a different URL. The bad redirects would never fulfil the intent of users. The user is looking for a female’s shoes, but the newly redirected page includes no information about the female’s shoes.

Therefore, it essentially changes the content, and there are chances that rankings of that URL will be lost. You can visit Google Analytics for this and export the landing page ranking in organic search. Hire digital marketing services from professionals to get rid of bad redirects.

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