Why Sri Lanka Is One of the World’s Best Destinations for Safari

Sri Lanka, the tear shaped beauty in the Indian ocean with it’s natural wilderness and beautiful flora and fauna is one of the best tourist destinations in the world. The endemic flora and fauna in the country and the bio diversity of the country with it’s beautiful natural forests and waterfalls is rated high in the world for biological endemism.

Sri Lanka has more than 5734 square kilometers of land belonging to 26 state owned national parks. These contains abundance of wild life with more than 400 species of birds and with majestic beasts such as Elephants. The Elephants drinking water from a natural pond in their natural habitat is a sight for sore eyes for the nature lover.

Your Sri Lanka Holidays will never be complete without a visit to these national parks. The rare and endangered leopard who is an endemic creature to Sri Lanka can be seen at his natural habitat at the Yala national park and the wilpattu national park.

Unconfirmed reports indicate that between 500 – 650 leopards reside in the wild in Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka has been identified by Forbes as the Best Safari Destination outside of Africa. This is an honor for this little paradise island to be given such a title. According to reports, Sri Lanka has about 5000 elephants in the national parks and roaming in the wild and therefore becomes the first country to have a highest density of Asian Elephant population.

A safari to these national parks should be a “must do” in your literary in your Sri Lanka holidays, and these safari’s can be arranged at a reasonable cost with some of the best qualified tour guides to show you around. Most of these national parks provide Jeep safaris. Some of the star class hotels located around these national parks will give you a stay in the comfort and serenety of these parks.

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