FUE Hair Transplant-The Most Efficient Way to Tackle Hair Fall

FUE hair transplant is a simple process where hair follicles are transplanted from the back of your head. The hair is then implanted into the affected areas of your head. The FUE hair transplant process is usually done under local anesthesia. It helps to reduce complications and risks.

The hair transplant procedure is quick, and most people go for it because the side effects are minor. After the process, you can go on with your normal activities. Experts should do the hair transplant process. The outcome should be natural and permanent, and your doctor should be careful when performing the procedure. To avoid making mistakes that may lead to severe complications.

Who is a Good Candidate for FUE Hair Transplant?

Both men and women who are going through hair loss can undergo hair transplants. The color of your hair is also one of the major factors that tell whether you are a good candidate for FUE. If you are bald, this process is fit for you.

Also, if your hair density is good, a hair transplant is good for you. Most doctors look for good density hair follicles around your donor areas. If your hair is not of good density, this process is not perfect for you. Make sure your hair follicles are of high density before you undergo the procedure.

It is also essential to consider your scalp’s flexibility before you opt for a hair transplant. If your scalp is tight, the hair transplant process is not fit for you. It will be hard to extract the hair from your scalp if your scalp is tight. Always consult with your doctor to know if you are a good candidate. The doctor will examine your scalp and give you the results.


FUE hair transplant costs from $4000 to $ 15000 per session. If you have many sessions, it may cost up to $50000 or more. This procedure is cosmetic, and so the health insurance company will not cover it. Make sure to prepare yourself with a reasonable sum of money. The FUE hair transplant cost depends on;

  • The number of hair to be extracted
  • The number of doctors available in your area
  • How flexible is your doctor when performing the FUE hair transplant process?
  • Also, the cost depends on how experienced your doctor is or if he is on-demand or not.


FUE hair transplant is the best process, and anyone undergoing hair loss can experience it. Always make sure to go for the experts for better results. Do enough research on the best clinics as well. Also, during the consultation, ensure that your doctors know if you have any conditions that may affect the procedure.

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