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Why You Should Consider Buying A Mirror Radiator For Your Bathroom?

The choice of radiators for our homes can greatly influence our living space and lifestyle. Whether it be your living room, kitchen or bathroom, the design and functionality of the radiator matter. In the old days, radiators used to come in only one style, design and size. But now, you will find plenty of exciting designs and colours on the market.

The mirrored radiator is one of the most favourite designs when it comes to choosing one for the bathroom. It has the ability to suit all tastes and interior space. In this article, you will know that why should you consider the mirror radiator for your bathroom.

What is a Mirrored Radiator?

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A mirror radiator is a radiator that acts like both a heating unit and a mirror at the same time. Mirror radiators are different from mirror finish radiators. Mirror radiators are available in different designs, sizes and colours and are usually used for bathrooms. The mirrored vertical radiator is much popular choice by many homeowners as it is a multifunctioning unit. Designer mirrored radiators fall into two categories.

  1. Vertical radiator
  2. Horizontal radiator

When it comes to choosing one for your bathroom, it depends on the space available in your bathroom. The benefit of using a vertical mirrored radiator is that you can use the heating unit as a full-length mirror when you are getting ready. The horizontal mirrored radiators, on the other hand, are suitable for areas like above the sink or any higher wall spaces in the bathroom.

What are the Benefits of using Mirrored Radiators?

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You must be thinking about what makes the mirrored radiators so popular choice for bathrooms. Well, with so many available designs of the radiators on the market, why not go for the one which is able to give you both heat and reflection. Besides its mirrored appearance, there are many other benefits of these radiators as well.

Mirrored Radiators are Multifunctional

The one advantage that makes a mirrored radiator a popular and better choice is its multifunctionality. These mirrors are efficient as well as stylish. You can get great heat from the crucial accessory in your home. mirrored radiators are great value for the money because you are getting two for one deal. You can use this unit even when you are not using its heat.

Mirrored Radiators add more Light to the Room

Due to the reflective surface of the mirrored radiators, you can add more reflection and light to your bathroom. This radiator when paired with natural or artificial light will bring more shine into the room. So, no matter you have a large-sized bathroom or small bathroom, you can install a mirrored radiator and use it as a mirror as well. You will notice your bathroom look more spacious.

Mirrored Radiators are Flexible in Heat Outputs

Another benefit of the mirrored radiator is that these units are flexible in their heat output. You can buy it both in electric heat and dual-fuel option, which provides you flexibility and comfort. Also, it will help you save more money on your energy bills. Mirrored electric radiators can change the efficiency and aesthetics of your home with an easy installation.

Mirrored Radiators are Space-Saving

When it comes to heating bathrooms, space is the main thing to consider. Bathrooms are generally smaller than the other rooms and have many functions than rooms. This is why mirrored radiators are the popular choice for the bathroom as it allows you to enjoy the multifunctioning of one unit. Mirrored radiators are a perfect addition to your smaller bathroom. Pair it with a towel rail and find yourself a practical solution for your bathroom.


Bathrooms are one of the functional parts of your house, and many homeowners neglect them when it comes to heating this area. There are many radiator options available for the bathroom, such as vertical, horizontal, single and double radiators. If you are looking for a heating unit that can fix your bathroom well, you should consider buying a mirrored vertical radiator. It will provide heat as well as serve as a full-length mirror.

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