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What Window Treatments Are Best For A Colonial Style Home?

A colonial-style home is a type of house that has features such as symmetrical windows and columns. Colonial homes also typically have shutters, front porches, and bay windows. When it comes to options for blinds and shutter in Sydney for these homes, there are many. You can use double or single hung windows with blinds or shades, plantation shutters, curtains, sheers, drapes, and more.

Let’s see what kind of window treatments would suit a colonial-style home best and why.

A colonial-style home exudes an aura of elegance and tradition, and hence, the window treatments must reflect the same. The best options include Insuranceparth plantation shutters, sliding double hung windows with blinds or shades, lace curtains and sheers that give privacy yet maintain an air of lightness in design.

Colonial homes are known for their symmetrical features including classic rectangular windows which look gorgeous when adorned with drapes or sheer fabric panels or curtains in Sydney, to let some light into rooms without compromising on privacy. People have a misconception about using heavy draperies inside colonial-style homes, but if you choose lighter fabrics with contrasting colours like blue damask silk against gold velvet upholstery, it will definitely look stunning, and so will white linen lined voile paired with polished nickel rods against dark wood paneling around French doors leading out to the terrace.

  • Blinds are the most common window treatment for a colonial style home because they offer privacy, light control, and great insulation from cold drafts

The best types of blinds in Sydney for these homes include:

  • Roman Blinds which are perfect for colonial style homes due to their straight lines.
  • Roller Blinds can be used in any home but they look especially great when paired with traditional mouldings and design elements like crowns, baseboards, etc.

Avoid blinds that feature horizontal stripes because these will make your room appear smaller than it actually is. Blinds are low cost and still offer great functionality and style. When choosing colours, you have to be careful to pick a colour that will coordinate with your other window treatments. For example, if you have curtains or interior shutters, then white is probably the safest choice to go for.

If you prefer shades of one certain colour then choose it from this colour family and add in another neutral like beige, cream or grey as accent colours. In terms of texture, there are many options available including natural wood blinds that do not block out light but feature a great look and feel while adding depth to any room design scheme.

You can also opt for faux silk fabrics using lightweight materials; these offer privacy without blocking too much sunlight so they provide an added layer of insulation against drafts during fall and winter seasons when heating costs tend to increase greatly.

  • Plantation shutters offer classic elegance

These are another popular choice for window treatments in a colonial styled home because they can provide more protection against cold drafts and allow you to enjoy the view outside without anyone knowing what is going on inside.

Plantation shutters in Penrith offer classic elegance when installed, and is the ideal look for colonial homes. If you want to go for a more expensive type, then certainly timber shutters would be ideal, however, don’t forget that timber is quite susceptible to moisture and can warp or ***** if not treated correctly, or is overly exposed to moisture. The solution for this is to get PVC shutters, which are moisture resistant, yet offer the same style and elegance, and are also less costly.

  • Curtains can also be used as window treatments in a colonial styled home if there is no need for light control or insulation from cold drafts

Using a sheer fabric for curtains Suvicharin can create a nice balance between the window treatments and décor. Sheers are aesthetically pleasing, letting in a decent amount of natural light while still offering some privacy.

For colonial homes with multiple windows, consider using sheers on most windows for their design appeal and ability to let in an ample level of sunlight without darkening the room too much, making it perfect for late afternoon or early morning sun exposure when you want to enjoy just enough sunshine but not feel like your home is overrun by it during certain times of day. For more control over the amount of light that enters a room, thicker curtains can be used as well; however, they also need additional support such as curtain rods and tie-backs which could affect both décor and budget.

Choose colours that match with your house exterior such as white, cream, tan, brown or black to make it look like part of the house design instead of just an addition on top of it. Neutral colours such as these can really help take the attention away from large windows and instead allows your other furniture to shine.

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