Top Reasons for Students Dropping Out of Online Courses

A very high percentage of students who have opted for online courses are found to discontinue or drop out of these courses at any given time during the course progress. Many reasons are attributed to this, and remedial actions are being suggested. Still, the dropout rate seems to be on a constant rise.

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However, it is essential to analyze why students tend to drop out of an online course. Listed here are some of the top reasons.

1. Problems Due to Isolation

Most students of online learning reportedly feel isolated because, in a regular physical classroom, students meet their peers and teachers and interact. They also have time to socialize with others. However, in an online class, the interaction is limited, and most of the time, they are left spending time with a computer. This lack of human contact makes it extremely tough for the students to cope.

2. Heavier Work Load

Many students opt for online courses without a good understanding of the work involved and the effort required to complete them. They think that since the education will be done online, they can do it effortlessly. However, most online courses are designed with a heavier workload and demand a lot of time and effort for the student to complete. Subsequently, underestimating the workload makes it too much for the students to take.

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3. Lack of Motivation and Instant Feedback

Students are often forced to turn to self-motivation as there is a lack of motivation from others in online learning. They feel unmotivated primarily due to the heavy workload and the lack of human contact. These causes make them feel disengaged.

Students also do not get instant instructor feedback as the communication with them is infrequent and indirect. Not receiving instant feedback affects the pace of the course.

4. Poor Time Management Skills

Most students who opt for online courses are ones who either have a job or have enrolled themselves in a regular college course. Hence, they must manage their time efficiently to complete their online course successfully. The dropout rate in eLearning is high also because of poor time management skills. Most of them fail to schedule their time and do not adequately segregate enough time for online learning and related activities.

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