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In the Philippines, MBBS students are exposed to an affordable tuition fee and limited scholarship opportunities. In the second year, students will be introduced to the basic concepts of microbiology, medicine, and surgery. Students will also get a chance to apply their learned knowledge in clinical rotations in selected hospital departments. After completing the course, MBBS students will have the chance to work in specific hospitals and help their fellow students when they run into issues.

Students aspiring to pursue MBBS in the Philippines should visit the Philippine Embassy in Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, or Kolkata before applying. Philippines students enjoy better career prospects, and admission into MD programs are more favourable than those from other countries.

Among the leading medical colleges in the Philippines, UV Gullas College of Medicine in Cebu City, Manila Central University, and the prestigious Philippine Medical College are some of the top choices for students. To know more about the fees structure, please refer to the table below.

To stay in the Philippines, students must have adequate funds to pay for their living expenses. The medical universities in the Philippines offer hostel facilities for international students. Most hostels are equipped with air conditioners, TVs, microwaves, and cooling systems.

Students who live in these hostels may also apply for a loan from private or national banks. Depending on the college, the overall course fee can be as low as a few thousand US dollars. MBBS in the Philippines is an affordable way to earn a medical degree.

While studying MBBS in the Philippines, students should know that the faculty is English-speaking and highly qualified. The vast majority of faculty members are from the US and India. Because the medical system in the Philippines is based on the US schooling system, students can easily pass the USMLE exam.

In addition, the Philippines has one of the highest passing rates on FMGE compared to other countries. The Philippines medical colleges are approved by a variety of renowned boards, including the WFME and WHO.

MBBS in Philippines is recognized by the WHO and NMC. The fee structure is reasonable, and scholarships are available for deserving students. The country has brilliant medical facilities and the cost of the program varies from around fifteen to twenty five lakhs (US) for 5 years. However, the price of the MBBS degree in the Philippines is much lower than in India. Approximately 35 lakhs ($5,000) can cover your full education and internship.

A quality MBBS degree in the Philippines will add value to your resume and give you a leg up against the competition. The education system is comparable to that of the United States, UK, India, Pakistan, and other countries in the Commonwealth.

The Philippines medical colleges are globally recognized and highly regarded. More than a hundred thousand graduates are Filipinos and this is why so many aspiring international students are looking to study MBBS in the country.

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