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Great Tips for Painting Doors- You Should Know

If you’re the kind of person who wants to liven up your home, but you aren’t exactly sure how or where to start painting, then this article is just for you. In fact, even if you already have a great idea of what color scheme would work best in your space here are some ideas that can really help take those plain doors from boring and white to pop-of-color fabulousness. Sometimes all it takes is a fresh coat of paint and the removal of hardware (knobs and pulls) to create a new look out of doors that you thought were too plain to be decorated.

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I’m going to show you some great examples of door painting and give you a few helpful tips so that your next-door decorating efforts are extra special, but first enjoy the before and after pictures below:

BEFORE: All white painted doors with knobs/hardware

AFTER: The same doors after they’ve been prepped and painted black, accented with gold hardware. Undertones of blue in the rug and pillows help tie in colors from the art work on the wall.

BEFORE: Plain white painted wood doors (the kind that open up)

AFTER: Same doors re-done in a bright red color accented handles made out of wooden triangles.

BEFORE: White painted doors with glass inserts

AFTER: Down below you’ll see the same doors given a much bolder look by the outside being dramatically accented in a dark charcoal color. This is especially great because it’s much easier to change out hardware when desired. Also, the glass inserts have been replaced with plain frosted glass so that one can enjoy a more modern view from inside the space. Even though these same doors could be placed back in any given room they would not appear to be quite as stylish or contemporary without this simple update. BEFORE: A boring white door with chocolate brown trim and knobs

AFTER: The same door polished up with what I like to refer to as “pop-of-color” paint. This red door brings the attention to the fact that there is an entrance here, even though it’s not nearly as large or grand as other doors in your home (this kind of door is often used for closets because it opens inward). Another fantastic feature to this type of door is that you can paint it without any need for sanding…just make sure you avoid painting over the trim!

BEFORE: Plain white painted wood doors (the kind that open up)

AFTER: The same doors re-done in a deep green color accented with modern black hardware. These could function just fine as closet doors if one were so inclined, but they’re stylish enough to blend into any room while also adding some natural color to the space.

BEFORE: White painted doors with glass inserts

AFTER: The same doors re-done in a bright red color accented with black hardware. This is another great example of how simple changes such as paint and hardware can totally transform your room. Below we have the same plain white doors that were just fine on their own, but when they were given this new facelift they became show stoppers!

BEFORE: Plain wood door (no glass) painted in a trendy seafoam green

AFTER: I really love how crisp and clean this seafoam green looks against the dark gray walls. It’s easy to see why this shade has been so popular this year because it truly adds character to the space and works well with the other colors in the room. The silver hardware is a nice touch too. I would also like to add that if you’re looking for a color that functions well in any bedroom or bathroom then this might just be your best bet…it’s fresh, light and airy but still has enough edge to keep things interesting!

BEFORE: White painted wood door (no glass)

AFTER: As you can see, an accent wall of bold orange really makes the white door pop out against it, bringing attention to it as an entrance/exit point. I really love how this works so well with the modern rug and art print on the opposite side of the room. Also notice how great those natural pops of wood work with the sleek built-ins below.

BEFORE: Plain white doors (no glass) painted in a trendy seafoam green

AFTER: It looks like this room had some pretty spectacular curtains that picked up on some of these same colors, but I chose to show you this example instead because it’s also nice to know that you can paint your door without having too much risk involved. Just make sure if you paint the inside of your door it will be easy for you to clean away any messes!

BEFORE: A plain wood door painted in a gray color accented with bronze hardware and modern black side table on each side of entryway.

AFTER: The great thing about painting something as simple as a door is that it really doesn’t have to be a permanent change. If you want a temporary but completely different look then you can paint your door and easily revert back to its original color when the time comes. This example shows just how dramatic a simple hue shift can be, transforming this same basic entryway into something fresh and unexpected. The built-in side tables also add an interesting touch by providing some nice storage options while highlighting the art work above each of them.

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